Woman Owned Series

Chalkboard Woman Owned 1x1.jpg

So this past winter I had an idea. I was looking at a magazine and it was all about women and where they cook. The pictures were beautiful and the stories about how they learned to cook and why they were passionate about it were just as good. I like to ask the question “why” a lot. Why do you do what you do? What motivates you?

And then I had an idea. What if I started a series about women and their passion? But I wanted to narrow it down a bit. Women who own their own businesses. I wanted to take pictures of them doing what they love to do and and ask them why. Why did you choose this? How did you get the idea?

And so Woman Owned was born. And I’m really excited for it. So stay tuned, because later this afternoon the first in the series will be posted!

First up is JoAnn Friesen at Willow Station in Henderson, NE. She was kind enough to let me come take pictures and interview her as she was setting Willow Station up for their spring open house April 11-13.